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Jimi de Valdes
17 February
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Hello,I'm Jimi,and I bite.

I'm very hazardous,so stay back.

Keep your distance

So beware,especially of soccer players

Futbol(Soccer)is love.

Spanish futbol is love.

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Hello,I'm Jimi.I'm a very negative person.I may bore you to death.I'm a letharge.I play soccer.I love music,except crappy kinds.I am not trendy.And I'm not perky.I'm such a Killjoy.I enjoy seeing people suffer and watching soccer games.I hate soccer,for I call it football or futbol,since I'm spanish.I just said soccer so you guys would understand.I hate american football for taking away the name.
Strengths: straight to the point.Athletic.Fast learner.Polylingual.Musical.Studious.Diligent.Has alot of common sense.
Weaknesses: negative.dark.introverted.hateful.regretful.boring.
Special Skills: Soccer forward,equestrian,painting,drawing,singing,playing the piano,guitar,flute,drums,memorizing things,studying,writing poetry/songs,sight reading notes,understanding processes,skateboarding,biking
Weapons: soccer ball.spray paint.guitar.baseball bat.hats.glass..
favorite football/soccer teams: Football Club Barcelona(FCB or often called Barca).Real Madrid.Liverpool.Chelsea.Brazil.Argentina.Manchester United.Real betis.England.Germany.Udinese.Gestafe.Deportivo.

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Bono + The Edge + Billie Joe + Mike = The Best rock Ever

"Billie Joe is confused random love..made by corgi_chic"

"Billie Joe is Green Day love"

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Killing Hilary with Forks is fun love
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Oh my god,this rocks

Ooh work me baby,shakin' it the way that I..

I like the way you do it right thurr,right thurr...